Tony co-curated Harvard's first "Are Asians People of Color?" panel as the Co-President of the Pan Asian Coalition for Education, which reached over 1,000 views. 

Tony's first non-profit, Indy Pulse youth spoken word organization, was featured by Teach For America to emphasize the importance of youth voice This hit over 10,000 views.


Tony's second non-profit, Boston Pulse Poetry, was featured on local NPR station WGBH for his impact on youth voice in Boston, MA. 

Tony was featured on GMA Pinoy TV as a Filipino Young Leader Program (FYLPRO) Delegate. This was broadcasted all over the Philippines and in the US. 

Tony was invited by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, US Mexico Foundation, & Teach For Mexico to keynote about the importance of international exchange and arts education. 

Tony's activism to protest Betsy Devos' hurtful policies on education blew up the internet and was featured on CBS, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post and more! 

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