Tony is privileged & humbled to have worked both nationally and internationally. Peep some of his work below: 

Cross-Coalition Building

Tony founded "#IsangBagsakAsVerb" as a cross-coalition building educational series that focuses on Asian Americans included in conversations of social justice and activism. The purpose is to ensure that Asian Americans are not omitted from larger dialogues, as well as pushes Asian Americans to take action in solidarity with other racial and ethnic groups as a part of the BIPOC community. This video focuses on Filipino/a/x Americans and Black educators presenting solutions on how to successfully combat Anti-Blackness and Anti-Black Racism in education. Watch the panel & access the Isang Bagsak Anti-Racism Toolkit here.


Consulting | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

& Social Venture

Tony offers start-up Social Venture Consulting, as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting services. He has consulted for Harvard Professor Dr. Monica Higgins - Founder of the Harvard Scaling for Impact Conference. His education social venture, Pulse Poetry won 1st place in the InnovateED Competition which was funded by Teach Plus Indianapolis. His work led him to be accepted into the 4.0 Schools Fellowship, as well as the 2018 Forbes Fellowship. In terms of DEI consulting, he cofounded Match Education's inaugural DEI Task Force, and currently works at Teach For America as a Florida-statewide DEI Trainer and Curriculum Specialist. 


Tony joins the ranks of editors in the 29th volume of the prestigious Asian American Policy Review (AAPR). Founded in 1989 under the Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, AAPR is the first academic, non-partisan journal in the United States dedicated to analyzing public policy issues facing the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. This journal is home to the work of famous activists Yuri Kochiyama, Gloria Megino Ochoa - Counsel to the California Senate Judiciary Committee, Dr. Kevin Nadal - Professor of Psychology at CUNY, and more!

Editing | Harvard Kennedy School

Asian American Policy Review 

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Educating | Poetry in America & Harvard Collaboration 

Watch Tony in his element. His poetry organization, Pulse Poetry, caught the attention of Harvard Professor Elisa New and was soon featured on their education series "Poetry in America: Earth, Sea, and Sky." In this episode Tony teaches youth about climate justice through Jamaal May's poem entitled, "Water Devil."After students have made their annotations, Tony launches into lively lesson on figurative language, focusing on metaphors and extended metaphors.  This curriculum is sponsored by the Harvard Graduate School of Education & Harvard Extension School is currently being used in Colorado, Kansas, Florida, Ohio, and even India. 

Motivational Speaking 

Tony started public speaking circa 2012 where he served as an Ambassador for the University of Cincinnati. Since there he served as a keynote speaker and presenter for the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Teach for America, Yale School of Management, Citizen Schools, The Association of Independent Schools of New England, Harvard Law School, and elsewhere! Peep his recent promo video to the right. Book him for the 2020-2021 academic year!